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When Life Gives You Lemons

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Discover our exclusive lemon print.

lemon print shirt and tie on model

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lemon shirt and tie with suit on model

A vibrant print with all the zest you need.

lemon tie blue and striped blue shirt on model

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hanging lemon shirt

close up linen lemon shirt

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lemon linen shirt on model with sunglasses

Business casual moment? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

yellow background lemon linen shirt

Just lean into your moment with a twist of lemon.

linen shirt beige and lemon pocket square on model

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white shirt with lemon tie on model

qoute and model

model in blue swimshorts

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lemon stilleben and model with lemon shirt

Have you ever wondered what wearing a lemon print set says about you?

lemon print shirt and shorts set on model

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Shop the latest arrivals at Eton: new refined shirts and accessories updated weekly, from sharp dress shirts, to relaxed casual shirts and smart eveningwear.

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