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Eton x Dale of Norway

4 min
1440x1800 2

We Call it Nordic Luxury

Where function and design meet. Eton elegance and Dale of Norways traditional Norwegian sportswear unite in a unique knitted overshirt, as smart and versatile in the city as in the mountains.

Clean Lines

An all-season, indoor-outdoor layering style knitted in Norway, from locally sourced, soft lamb’s wool from free-range sheep. Clean, Scandinavian lines meet a rustic but graceful pattern in complex fishbone stitches.


“Timelessly relevant design. Created in Scandinavia, knitted in Scandinavia, with wool from free-range sheep who graze the Norwegian mountains.”


Expertly Knitted in Norway

With yarn spun from the season’s first lamb’s wool. The unique heron yarn, spun from freerange “dalasau” sheep actually ages like a fine wine: getting softer with every wear.


Made Locally

Designed in Sweden and Norway, knitted locally in Norway from wool that is as local as it gets, with sheep roaming the mountains surrounding Dale HQ. Made with pride — and a reduced environmental impact.


“Nature is so important to all of us who live up here, and I think you can see that in this shirt. The ruggedness of the wool, balanced by clean, classic lines: this is Scandinavian luxury.”

Eton x Dale of Norway Overshirt

A one-of-a kind overshirt uniting Eton elegance and Dale sportswear heritage. Clean, timeless Scandinavian lines meet a rustic but graceful pattern in fishbone stitches, in this cross-over all-season, layering piece for a relaxed urban and rustic elegance. Made with the softest, lightest lamb’s wool from Norwegian free-range sheep, spun and knitted locally in Norway, with all the skill of a heritage “lusekofta” maker (Editor’s note: Norway’s famous traditional knitwear)."