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Dark Blue Cotton and Silk Shirt

£130 £91


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Made from fabric with a clear reflecting shimmer and an elegant glossy touch.


Soft, light and luxurious for effortlessly elevated casual and business casual styles. High-quality cotton with just a hint of silk, for smoothness and drapability.

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, especially if those parts are great in their own right. Breathable, durable, lustrous, and elegant, cotton is not A raw material — it is THE raw material for a shirt specialist. Famously soft to the touch, silk has been considered a luxury throughout history. Together, they make for a shirt that is as light as air, with a luxurious feel, a clear, stylish texture, and a medium luster level (for that contemporary look). All enhanced by our garment-wash treatment, conducted after the shirt is fully constructed to ensure an impeccable finish with a stylish worn-in look.

• Extra lustrous
• Lightweight, breathable, elegant
• Contemporary luxury
• Garment-washed for extra softness

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Dark Blue Cotton and Silk Shirt£130 £91