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Dark Blue Herringbone Wrinkle-Free Flannel Shirt



Image explaining Soft touch

Soft touch

Stands out with extra soft touch for additional comfort.

Wrinkle Free

Made to stay sharp all day. Easy care, hang dry and gently steam if needed.
Wrinkle Free Flannel

Wrinkle Free Flannel

Flannel that is as crisp as it is soft. Launched in 2018 as a world-first, our innovative wrinkle free flannel is already an Eton signature fabric. Soft-brushed, breathable high end cotton — wrinkle free.

Simply a joy to wear, our innovative, wrinkle free, lightweight flannel is as breathable, soft, and warm as any classic flannel and has the requisite brushed surface — but it is also just as sharp, all day, as our wrinkle-free dress shirts. Also, it requires little to no ironing. Once flannel was a technique reserved for wool fabrics: today, we weave our flannel from fine, compact premium cotton yarns for high quality and a shirt that lasts. The cotton fibers themselves are so called extra long staple, from the top 2-3% of the annual, global cotton harvest — meaning they are long, strong, durable and make for a fabric that has a beautiful look and feel and is strong and durable. Brushed for extra softness. Eton Signature Finish for a perfect wrinkle-free look.

• Innovative
• Comfortable, soft-brushed
• Medium weight
• Wrinkle free: requires little to no ironing, smooth 24/7

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Dark Blue Herringbone Wrinkle-Free Flannel Shirt£175