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White Poplin Shirt

€159 €111,30


Wrinkle Free

Made to stay sharp all day. Easy care, hang dry and gently steam if needed.

How to style it

Tiny things that make a big difference

A tie will always give you an elegant appearance, whether it's at the office or at a fancy dinner party.

Tiny things that make a big difference
Signature Poplin

Signature Poplin

Our Signature Poplin has a tightly closed weave for a smooth and soft surface and a thin, cool but strong and durable fabric that drapes beautifully.

Our so-called plain poplin is anything but plain: with its tightly closed weave, it has a uniquely smooth and soft surface for a thin and cool but strong and durable shirt with a beautiful drape. By refining the texture, we have crafted a Signature Poplin, ideal for intricate patterns.

• Smooth, light
• For straightforward elegance
• Or perfect reproduction of complex prints
• Wrinkle free, easy care

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White Poplin Shirt€159 €111,30