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The Beatles x Eton

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Igniting the Spirit of Style & Genius

Sartorial expertise harmonizes with art, music and craftsmanship – the highly anticipated collaboration with legendary band, The Beatles, has brought forth a carefully curated limited-edition collection that perfectly merges the worlds of music and menswear. The inaugural limited-edition release, now available, features a stunning series of ten shirts and ten accessories, each elegantly presented in a personal bespoke apple green box reminiscent of The Beatles' Apple Records label. Adding a personal touch to every shirt and accessory, each box contains a unique message that provides insight into the inspiration behind the specific piece. This thoughtful addition of just the right does of nostalgia further enriches the overall experience of each piece. 1080x1350 beatles 03Abbey quote 4x5

Conceptualized by Eton's visionary Creative Director, Sebastian Dollinger, a lifelong Beatles fan, the collection serves as an ode to the band's expansive discography and iconic style. Drawing profound inspiration from their vast musical repertoire, each piece showcases a truly unique artistic reinterpretation of iconic elements from the band's storied history.

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"Transforming The Beatles' legendary discography and artwork into a nostalgic yet modern collection was by far a true honor." – Sebastian Dollinger, Creative Director, Eton.

Significant moments in The Beatles' history are brought to life, including an allover print that recreates the iconic Abbey Road crossing and another shirt adorned with an allover print inspired by the Revolver album's iconic artwork. A recreation of John Lennon's shirt from the Get Back documentary that followed the band's recording of their Let It Be album is an absolute favorite of the collection so far. Additionally, the series includes a modernized version of Paul McCartney's shirt from the same documentary, transformed into fine Italian silk for a contemporary twist and luxurious feel.2143524t1080x1350 beatles 02

Each piece in this collection is presented in a bespoke box adorned with collaborative artwork from The Beatles x Eton collaboration. Inside each box, you'll find a unique message offering insight into the characteristics and inspiration behind this specific tie. This message is composed by Eton’s Creative Director and the creatives responsible for the design, adding a personal touch to every accessory.1080x1350 beatles 081080x1350 beatles 11

This collection of contemporary memorabilia is a testament to Eton's modern style and superior quality, highlighting the precise craftsmanship that incorporates our expertise in printmaking. Crafted using the finest fabrics and expertise tailoring, an homage to The Beatles' most memorable moments has truly been captured. Groundbreaking albums, iconic album covers, and the band’s impact on music and pop culture stands the test of time within this collection.

"We are thrilled about this interpretation of The Beatles' legacy coming to life in this exclusive collection." – Paul Cole, Apple Corps, co.

As a series of limited-edition releases, this collection promises to become instant collector's items for Beatles' fans and menswear enthusiasts alike. The first release has launched exclusively on, select Eton stores, and all Harry Rosen stores in Canada.