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Wedding Attire for Men

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Wedding season is fast approaching, and as the invitations start to arrive, you will probably have some questions about how to master wedding attire for men with both elegance and style. It’s perfectly natural to want to get it right, since weddings are such significant events for those involved.


How Men Should Dress for a Wedding

When choosing your wedding attire, there are plenty of factors to consider: the time of day, the venue and of course what wedding dress codes for men mean. With Eton as your guide, you can be sure you will enjoy the big day in timeless style, creating lifelong memories for all the guests at the event.

Perhaps you are part of the wedding party, it is your big day, or maybe the event you have in mind is a more distant acquaintance? Either way, for those involved, this is one of the most important days of their life, so you will want to put forth a polished and formal appearance to match the occasion.

Wedding Dress Codes for Men

Below, we talk you through some of the most common wedding dress codes for men. The difference between what men should wear for Black Tie, Creative Black Tie of Cocktail dress codes at weddings can be confusing, but with us as your guide, you will be well-dressed, confidently within the norms of the dress code, stylish and ready to enjoy the big day.

Black Tie Wedding Attire

Don’t fret when you receive an invite for a black-tie dress code. Rather, see it as an opportunity to create a stylish look using classic elements of formal and elegant attire. In other words, you want to find your inner James Bond, aiming for 007’s level of cool sophistication.
A black-tie dress code for men typically calls for a look made up of a black tuxedo jacket and matching trousers, preferably with a satin tuxedo stripe down the leg especially if the lapels are satin.

Then it comes to choosing the right shirt, something Eton has been helping men get right for nearly a century. According to custom, you should opt for a crisp white tuxedo shirt with a bib or a tonal pattern to highlight your bow tie.

Your bow tie should be made from black silk satin and whether you choose a self tied or ready tied bow tie is totally up to you. The decision ultimately comes down to how confident you feel in creating the knot - check out Eton’s tutorial if you are curious or need a refresher.

A crisp white dress shirt is a good alternative to the tuxedo shirt - perfectly offsetting the texture of a black silky tie. Once your clothing selection is made, you will want to complete the look with black patent leather dress shoes.

Women have more room for creativity and expression in the black tie dress code – they can wear a long black evening gown or cocktail dress in a solid color, and accessorize with elegant jewelry and a clutch. Remember, black tie is one of the most formal dress codes, so for both women and men the aim is to look polished and put-together from head to toe.


Summer Wedding Attire for Men – The Linen Suit

Rejoicing in warm weather surrounded by great friends and family is a popular wedding choice for good reason. However, choosing the right outfit for summer weddings can be daunting since you might end up getting caught in the hot sun. Usually, the invitation calls for anything from formal to beach formal to garden casual, and this range of options can be confusing.


A timeless and stylish option for summer wedding attire would be a light linen suit paired with a white dress shirt, such as Eton's White Signature Twill Shirt. This shirt is a classic for a reason – it will retain its shape, ensuring you look sharp and polished all the way to the dancefloor. A white poplin shirt is another good alternative if the invitation states a formal or beach formal dress code.

Linen is an ideal fabric for summer events as it is lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool in the heat, and creating a stylish yet relaxed aesthetic. So, when you're looking for an outfit for a summer wedding, a light linen suit and a white dress shirt is a classic, elegant, and comfortable choice.

For shoes, choose a closed toe dress shoe, perhaps a brown brogue or a suede desert boot for the beach. Sometimes at beach weddings shoes may come off during the festivities, so it’s wise to book yourself a pedicure before the wedding date.


Creative Black Tie for Weddings

For a formal summer wedding, the Creative Black Tie dress code is a more expressive take on the traditional black tie. If you want to turn your style up a notch and stand out from the crowd, add a touch of originality, pair Eton's White Signature Twill Tuxedo Shirt with a white dinner jacket. Then add a touch of shine and luster with a patterned tie and pocket square.

If you’re a guest and you don’t want to outshine the groom, try a classic business look made more ceremonial by opting for a formal blazer. This combination offers a unique twist on traditional black-tie attire while still conveying the elegance stipulated by the black tie dress code. A white dinner jacket works too and is a great alternative to a classic black tuxedo.

White Tie

White tie attire is the epitome of sophistication and elegance, making it the perfect dress code for the most formal weddings. Adhering to the strict rules of the white tie dress code requires knowledge of the traditions involved and a few key pieces. You will need a long evening tailcoat, high waisted trousers, and a white bow tie. The key to mastering this look is to make sure everything fits perfectly and is properly pressed ahead of time.

White tie1

To lift your white tie attire to the next level, Eton Shirts offers a crisp Piqué White Tie Shirt and a White Piqué Vest. Attention to detail is key when it comes to white tie attire, and the white bow tie is, as the name suggests, the most important part of the look.

white tie2

Cocktail Wedding Attire for Men

Cocktail attire embodies sophisticated style for weddings and special events. You can’t go wrong with a suit in black or navy – an excellent foundation for a stylish and refined look. Lift your style further by pairing the suit with Eton's White Signature Twill Shirt for a timeless, sharp and impeccably smart appearance.


Invest in a high-quality suit that fits you perfectly. It’s well worth hiring a tailor to make adjustments if you buy ready-to-wear. You won’t regret the investment on this key item.

When considering how to dress for a wedding with the cocktail dress code, men should consider the details, after all it’s the personal touches that will make you stand out. What’s more, should conversation stall around the banquet table, you can always share a story about your pocket square or tie.

Opt for a tie in a bold hue or striking pattern that complements your suit, and don't forget to add finishing touches such as a pocket square and cufflinks. If you are the groom or part of the wedding party, a buttonhole or boutonnière is a celebratory touch. Remember, the secret to nailing cocktail attire is to look polished and sophisticated.


Elevate Your Wedding Attire with a Silk Shirt

Certain weddings might call for a modern and trendy look. Should you find yourself in this position, choosing our White Silk Shirt offers a tasteful, clean look. This is a shirt so elegant it’s perfect for the groom but creates an elegant statement for guests too – to fully elevate the cool, modern look, button it all the way up.


One last thing…

However you dress, you will want to ensure you have time to take care of personal grooming before the big day too. Book in a trip to the barbers for a beard trim or a shave. Don’t forget to style your hair – neatness is key to ensuring you look like you have put some effort in.

You should now feel confident and inspired to look your best, so there’s just one last thing to remember, have a wonderful time!