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Blue Shirts

Discover our wide assortment of blue dress shirts for men. Our selection is wide, ranging from wrinkle free twill shirts for the perfect muted business look, to more relaxed blue oxford shirts complete with a casual button down collar. You’ll also find shirts with blue stripes for a more distinctive look.

Men’s blue & light blue shirts

If the white shirt is the most formal option, then the light blue comes second place in formality rankings. While the blue shirt offers almost the same versatility as its white counterpart, it's an excellent choice if you want a softer look and to give your outfit a more toned-down aesthetic. Interestingly, in the early days of television, blue shirts were favored over white ones as they gave a softer look to the black & white image, and to this day, a blue shirt is recommended by media trainers for a television appearance.

A light blue dress shirt pairs well with a navy suit and offers a good base for almost any tie or bow tie. A yellow or blue tie or bow tie creates a striking look that completes an immaculate business ensemble.

We craft blue shirts for men as both dress shirts and casual shirts, such as oxford shirts, denim shirts or a cooling linen shirt for warmer days, and you’ll also find plenty of blues among our polo shirts. If you want to create your very own blue shirt, then you could always create a custom made shirt by selecting your favorite fabric from our extensive collection, where you’ll find a variety of blue options.

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