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Moderate Cut Away

Timeless good looks. The balanced, narrow collar spread and moderate height has a classic elegance, but looks as good without a tie. Points 8 cm/3,1”, band 3,5 cm/1,4”.

Moderate cutaway

Well-balanced and narrow, the moderate cut away collar was once considered a very formal choice, but today, we simply see it as the kind of style detail that adds a timeless touch. With its medium-size and narrow spread it has a balanced look with or without a tie, so as elegant as it is with a tie and suit, it looks as smart worn unbuttoned in a business casual or smart casual, with for example dress pants and jacket of your choice.

•Narrow collar spread, moderate height
•Points 8 cm/3,1”, band 3,5 cm/1,4”
•Structured interlining
•Style: Formal, timeless business, business casual
•Tie or no tie