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Old-school elegance. Pointed, with a narrow spread with classic tabs that meet under the tie knot, for a tie with a perfect rise and fall. Points 8 cm/3,1”, band 3,5cm/1,4”

The tab collar is a classic, in the same way as, say, a black and white movie is a classic: vintage and timeless at the same time. Pointed, narrow spread, with classic tabs that run across the collar closure, meeting under the tie knot. This extra functionality keeps the tie still and close to the collar, as well as push the knot forward, creating that enviable, stylish “wave” of silk. Style tip: the tab collar emphasizes the tie, so choose a silk or grenadine tie worth emphasizing and a classic, neutral suit.

• Pointed, narrow, tabs for lift and support
• Points 8 cm/3,1”, band 3,5cm/1,4”
• Structured interlining
• Style: Timeless business, business casual
• Tie
• A Custom Made Exclusive