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Every moment matters in our collaboration that explores determination and accomplishment. This is a story of striving for excellence, told by Eton and Mondo Duplantis, Olympic gold medalist and world record holding pole vaulter.

”I have a vision for myself to transcend the sport and take it to a level that nobody would think possible. And I wouldn’t think like that if I didn’t believe I had it in me.”

“If there’s something I believe I can do then I just go about it and try to get the job done. It sounds simple, but that’s the mindset that’s got me to where I am today.”

The dressing room is dimly lit. There’s a deafening silence as Mondo prepares for his moment.

“I think I’ve always been pretty level-headed and don’t get too stressed out by competition. I just think that if you prepare the right way, you should find confidence in that.”

Mondo sits amongst the bleachers. His usual calm expression remains unconcerned as he takes in the surroundings of Stockholm Olympic Stadium.

“I have all the physical requirements. I have all the mental requirements. For me it has never been ‘Why me?’, it has always been ‘Why not me?’”

A flock of seagulls drift with the slow wind. Mondo pays them no mind. He’s only focused on one thing: the track and field. His space.

“I usually have a good understanding of what I’m capable of that particular day, and I just try to be proud of myself for giving all I’ve got at that very moment.”

Finally he takes a slow, deep breath of the summer air. It’s almost time.

“I’m not a perfectionist. I don’t strive for perfection per se, I just don’t think it’s attainable. But if you do all the little things right, it all adds up to the result. I just try to be the best version of myself, and I know that won’t necessarily be perfect.”

The weight of the pole feels comfortable in his hands. This is what it all comes down to.

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