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Our Way of Working: Together

We create “Eton quality” through collaboration with a longer perspective — discover more about how we work with our suppliers.

Our Suppliers


Gånghester R&D
Eton Headquarters, Stora vägen 8
507 71 Gånghester

Supplier since: 1928
Women 2: Men: 2

Braiconf S
Str. Scolilor No.53
RO-810517 Braila

Supplier since: 2007
Women: 155 Men: 1

Enter 2 S.A.
Str. Vadeni Nr 13
RO 810176 Braila

Supplier since: 2007
Women: 154 Men: 6

Condatex S.R.L.
Palerma nr 2
RO-731199 Barlad

Supplier since: 2007
Women: 232 Men: 30

SC Confectii Barlad SA
Str. Tecuciului nr. 2
7331199 Barlad

Supplier since: 2013
Women: 535 Men: 33

Vilkma AB
Deltuvos str.21
LT-20127 Ukmerge

Supplier since: early 2000s
Women: 205 Men: 18

Ul. Industriska 3
1480 Gevgelija
North Macedonia

Supplier since: 2022
Women: 295 Men: 28

Rua de Bande nr. 429
4590-049 Carvalhosa
Paços de Ferreira

Supplier since: 2021
Women: 365 Men: 97


Achille Pinto S.P.A.
Via Roma 9
22070 Casnate con Bernate (CO)

Supplier since: 2020
Women: 131 Men: 164

Alfatex S.R.L.
Via Trecate nr 20-22
Romentino (NO), 28068

Supplier since: 2013
Women: 10 Men: 10

Cotonificio S.p.A Albini
Via Dr. Silvio Albini, 1
Albino (BG), 24021

Supplier since: 1980s
Women: 590 Men: 666

Canclini S.p.A.
Via XXV Aprile 71
Guanzate, 22070

Supplier since: 2001
Women: 133 Men: 72

Ratti S.p.A.
Via Madonna 30
Guanzate, 22070

Supplier since: 2020
Women: 255 Men: 218

Texta S.R.L.
Via Torino N° 797
21020 Mercallo

Supplier since: 2014
Women: 9 Men: 7

Besani S.R.L.
Via per Gallarate 50/a
21010 Besnate (VA)

Supplier since: 2020
Women: 18 Men: 8

Standartex S.R.L.
Viale Brianza, 51
Sovico, 20845

Supplier since: 2017
Women: 6 Men: 10

Alumo Textil AG
Zielstrasse 38
9050 Appenzell

Supplier since: 2000
Women: 3 Men: 1

Stotz & Co AG
Walchenstrasse 15
8023 Zürich

Supplier since: the 1980s
Women: 5 Men: 7

Eugster & Huber Textil AG
Cilanderstrasse 20
9100 Herisau

Supplier since: 2012
Women: 51 Men: 117

Weba — Weberei Appenzell AG
Zielstrasse 38
9050 Appenzell

Supplier since: 2003
Women: 21 Men: 163

Wagdy Moamen’s Successors for Textile Industries
Industrial Zone B and G Area
3 Elta’awon Gas Station Street
18111 El Obour City, Cairo

Supplier since: 2017
Women: 369 Men: 801

Söktas Tekstil AS
Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Akaller Caddesi No. 54
Aydin, 09201

Supplier since: 2018
Women: 226 Men: 438


Achille Pinto S.P.A.
Via Roma 9
22070 Casnate con Bernate (CO)

Supplier since: 2019
Women: 131 Men: 164

Olimpia S.R.L.
Via Piani d'Ete 1
62010 Mogliano

Supplier since: 2018
Women: 36 Men: 9

Neck Ties S.R.L.
Via Marco Cumano 27/A
22100 Como

Supplier since: 2015
Women: 11 Men: 4

Linea Emmeti S.R.L.
Via Di Camino 37
59021 La Briaglia Vaiano

Supplier since: 2015
Women: 3 Men: 3

Sorbatti S.R.L.
Via Leopardi 18
63835 Montappone (FM)

Supplier since: 2021
Women: 39 Men: 12

Industrialna zona Matskova gradina
2800 Sandanski

Supplier since: 2022
Women: 140 Men: 30

SC Sorste SA
Calea Moldovei 59
620158 Focșani

Supplier since: 2021
Women: 148 Men: 69

Quality. Longevity. Heritage.

Our founder Annie Pettersson had a motto: never hand anything over until you are completely satisfied with it. Almost a hundred years later, we still live by those words.

It’s all in the Details

Quality is all about quality control, in every detail. Apart from an R&D studio at our headquarters in Gånghester, we do not own any factories — but our philosophy is to assure that our high standards are met as if we did. Our team is involved in every step: from how the fabric is stored and handled, to how it is assembled with the accuracy of 1/3 of a millimeter.

Long-lasting Supplier Collaborations

We work together with our suppliers as a team, in a joint effort to make the best shirts and accessories in the world. Our Quality and Production Department are in constant contact with the production teams at all our suppliers and are involved in the daily work to support and help with all the details in our high-quality product. For some suppliers, we even have a person on the ground, able to assist and collaborate on location.

We aim for long-term relationships with select suppliers because experience teaches us that collaboration gives us unparalleled results. With some relationships going back decades, we are confident that our approach creates opportunities to secure the quality of each shirt, grow skillsets and increase security for the people on the floor.