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Brown Gingham Poplin Shirt



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Made from fabric with a clear reflecting shimmer and an elegant glossy touch.

Wrinkle Free

Made to stay sharp all day. Easy care, hang dry and gently steam if needed.
Signature Poplin

Signature Poplin

Our Signature Poplin has a tightly closed weave for a smooth and soft surface and a thin, cool but strong and durable fabric that drapes beautifully.

Our so-called plain poplin is anything but plain: with its tightly closed weave, it has a uniquely smooth and soft surface for a thin and cool but strong and durable shirt with a beautiful drape. By refining the texture, we have crafted a Signature Poplin, ideal for intricate patterns.

• Smooth, light
• For straightforward elegance
• Or perfect reproduction of complex prints
• Wrinkle free, easy care

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Brown Gingham Poplin Shirt$235