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Dark Blue 3D Plaid King Twill



Image explaining Rich texture

Rich Textured

Made from a fabric with substantial texture providing a rich look and feel.

Wrinkle Free

Made to stay sharp all day. Easy care, hang dry and gently steam if needed.
Textured Twill

Textured Twill

A rich twill with an elegant, prominent texture. Created by using two ply cotton from extra long staple fibers in both warp and weft. Superior quality, made to last.

Like all twill weaves, this textured twill has a clear pattern of diagonal wales, but this time we have elevated the effect, turning this ancient technique into a distinct, modern style statement. One of our richest fabrics, it has a balanced luster level that drapes beautifully.

• Distinct diagonal weave
• A style statement
• Wrinkle free, easy care

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Dark Blue 3D Plaid King Twill$295