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Red Filo di Scozia T-Shirt



Image explaining Soft touch

Soft touch

Stands out with extra soft touch for additional comfort.

Natural stretch

Knitted fabric with natural flexibility in all directions.
Filo di Scozia Jersey

Filo di Scozia Jersey

Knitted in Italy from Filo di Scozia; a luxurious two-ply, long staple, double mercerized yarn for a flexible, knitted jersey with a soft, silky, lustrous look.

Elegant, rich jersey that is a cut above while still giving you that classic t-shirt feeling. Made with Filo di Scozia, or "Scottish yarn" in Italian, an exclusive two-ply, double mercerized cotton yarn synonymous with high-end knitted fabrics with extra brilliance, softness, and silkiness. Spun from extra long cotton fibers, for a robust and beautiful end-result. A knitted fabric with natural flexibility — for smart casual shirts with an elegant air.

• A rich knitted jersey
• Naturally flexible
• Made with Filo di Scozia yarns

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Red Filo di Scozia T-Shirt$225