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Black Floral Cotton Silk BandanaBlack Floral Cotton Silk Bandana
Red Cashmere ScarfRed Cashmere Scarf
Red Cashmere Scarf+ 7 colors
Blue Herringbone Wool ScarfBlue Herringbone Wool Scarf
Blue Herringbone Wool Scarf+ 5 colors

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Crafting the perfect scarf requires many steps – from choosing the right fibres to dying the yarns the right shade, to artisanal weaving and the finishing touches. The result of this process creates a scarf with excellent draping qualities, durability and feel – ready to keep you warm and stylish in any weather. Made from luxuriously woven fabrics such as extra-fine merino wool, wool, silk, and cashmere, our collection of men’s scarves and bandanas not only provides warming winter essentials, our versatile designs and tactile fabrics make our scarves the perfect layering accessory for all seasons and styles. Available in timeless colours and patterns, these staple accessories are the perfect match for sharply tailored outdoor wear or add an elegant touch to more functional pieces such as overshirts or a casual shirt.