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How to Wash Your Shirt

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Alexandra Engdahl
Alexandra Engdahl

Don’t Wash (Yet)

Air your shirt on a hanger for an instant refresh that extends usage and reduces energy consumption. Choose to air outdoors for an even fresher shirt if possible, indoors if not. For steamer-effect, hang the shirt in the bathroom when you shower.

Sort by Color

To maintain color over time, wash white shirts with white, darker shirt with darker garments and use the correct detergent for each. Wash any garments labelled so, for example indigo-dyed shirts, separately the first couple of times to avoid color transfer.


Lower the Temperature

Check the care label — and note that it states the maximum recommended temperature, not the minimum. How dirty is your laundry? Modern machines will get light or moderately soiled garments clean on a lower setting, and the lower the temperature, the more energy you will save.


Reduce RPM

Set the washing machine to a low spin cycle. Lowering the rpm is more energy efficient, and less stressful on the fabric.



Unbutton the shirt, turn it inside-out, and pop the collar. Be mindful, use the right amount of detergent based on local water quality. We do not recommend fabric softener.



Carefully stretch cuff, collar, and front placket. Do not wring the shirt. Let it dry on a drying rack or hanger. Do not tumble-dry: it is a strain on both your shirts and the environment.