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How to Maintain Color

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Ludvig Sandell
Ludvig Sandell

Wash your Eton shirt with garments of similar colors. For a new, colored shirt, we recommend you wash them separately the first time to avoid color transfer.

How Do I Keep My White Shirt White?

Our recommendation is to wash your white shirt with only white garments. If you mix white with colored, the white will turn grey. Use a detergent for white clothes specifically. These contain oxygen, which serves as bleach and helps keep your white shirt looking fresh for longer.

How Do I Keep My Dark Shirt Dark?

Always wash your dark shirts with other dark garments. Do not use the same detergent for your colored and white clothes, since detergent for white fabrics has bleaching properties.

How Do I Wash My Indigo Dyed Denim Shirt?

When washing your denim shirt, be extra careful. Indigo is a potent dyestuff, and the color might transfer. Wash the shirt separately the first couple of times, and with dark or similar colors to avoid color transfer.