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Piqué & Jersey Shirts

Made from elegant fabrics knitted in Italy, from some of the finest cotton in the world. The new, versatile menswear essential for a dressy business casual look.

Grey Long-Sleeved Piqué ShirtGrey Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
Grey Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
1 399 kr
White Long-Sleeved Piqué ShirtWhite Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
White Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
1 399 kr
Dark Blue Long-Sleeved Piqué ShirtDark Blue Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
Dark Blue Long-Sleeved Piqué Shirt
1 399 kr
Light grey Long-Sleeved Jersey ShirtLight grey Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
Light grey Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
1 199 kr
White Long-Sleeved Jersey ShirtWhite Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
White Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
1 199 kr
Light Blue Jersey ShirtLight Blue Jersey Shirt
Light Blue Jersey Shirt
1 199 kr
Mid Gray Long-Sleeved Jersey ShirtMid Gray Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
Mid Gray Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
1 199 kr
Black Long-Sleeved Jersey ShirtBlack Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
Black Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
1 199 kr
Blue Long-Sleeved Jersey ShirtBlue Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
Blue Long-Sleeved Jersey Shirt
1 199 kr
Mid Blue Jersey ShirtMid Blue Jersey Shirt
Mid Blue Jersey Shirt
1 199 kr
Green Pinstripe Piqué Shirt – Long SleevedGreen Pinstripe Piqué Shirt – Long Sleeved
Green Pinstripe Piqué Shirt – Long Sleeved
1 499 kr
Black Jersey ShirtBlack Jersey Shirt
Black Jersey Shirt
1 199 kr
Dark Blue Pinstripe Piqué Shirt – Long SleevedDark Blue Pinstripe Piqué Shirt – Long Sleeved
Dark Blue Pinstripe Piqué Shirt – Long Sleeved
1 499 kr
Blue Polo ShirtBlue Polo Shirt
Blue Polo Shirt
1 399 kr
Brown Polo ShirtBrown Polo Shirt
Brown Polo Shirt
1 399 kr
Gray Polo ShirtGray Polo Shirt
Gray Polo Shirt
1 399 kr
Green Polo ShirtGreen Polo Shirt
Green Polo Shirt
1 399 kr

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