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Formal, done right.

Our sophisticated formal evening shirts are made to follow the rules of white and black tie — and contemporary, expressive black tie creative. In this guide to the formal dress codes, we aim to lay out those rules, inspire you to love them, and guide you as to what to wear to a white tie and black tie event, and when to get creative.

Black Tie

The definition of the word “suave”, black tie is what most of us think of when we think of elegant eveningwear: the tuxedo, the black bow tie, the crisp white shirt.

From Hollywood galas to private weddings, Black Tie is one of the smartest things any man can wear.

What to wear: Black or blue tuxedo with black lapels (that’s a dinner jacket if you’re British), patent leather shoes.
Shirt: A white tuxedo shirt, with an evening cut-away collar, French cuffs, cufflinks.
Accessories: White silk or linen pocket square, black bow tie that matches the texture of your lapels. Again: no tie.

White Tie

Superbly elegant and completely dictated by tradition, white tie requires evening tailcoats and high waist trousers, complemented by our crisp Piqué White Tie shirt and White Piqué Vest — and a white bow tie.

Bow tie: White Piqué Evening Bowtie — Ready Tied
Shirt: White Piqué White Tie Shirt
Vest: White Piqué Evening Waistcoat

Jacket and Tie

For this smart but somewhat less formal wedding, choose a suit in a classic color, and an Eton Dress Shirt with a balanced cut-away collar. Don’t forget the tie.

Tie: Dark Blue Grenadine Tie
Shirt: White Signature Twill Shirt
Pocket Square: Dark Blue Linen Pocket Square


White Plissé Tuxedo ShirtWhite Plissé Tuxedo Shirt
White Plissé Tuxedo Shirt
White Piqué Tuxedo ShirtWhite Piqué Tuxedo Shirt
White Piqué Tuxedo Shirt
White Dobby Tuxedo ShirtWhite Dobby Tuxedo Shirt
White Dobby Tuxedo Shirt
White Piqué Evening Bowtie  — Ready Tied
White Piqué Evening Bowtie — Ready Tied
White Piqué Evening WaistcoatWhite Piqué Evening Waistcoat
White Piqué Evening Waistcoat
White Textured Twill ShirtWhite Textured Twill Shirt
White Textured Twill Shirt
White Piqué White Tie ShirtWhite Piqué White Tie Shirt
White Piqué White Tie Shirt
White Poplin ShirtWhite Poplin Shirt
White Poplin Shirt
White Signature Twill Pocket SquareWhite Signature Twill Pocket Square
White Signature Twill Pocket Square
Dark Blue Grenadine TieDark Blue Grenadine Tie
Dark Blue Grenadine Tie