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The Grenadine Tie

The tie of ties: hand-made, luxurious but discrete with a tactile, rich handle. Brighten the room by wearing this refined tie on any occasion.

It’s Material To Know

Made in Como, Italy, by the country’s oldest silk weaver, our grenadine tie is spun on traditional wooden looms dated back to 1928 – a time-consuming method that demands a full hour of work to complete every meter of fabric.

Once the fabric is woven, each tie takes hours to craft. First the cutting and stitching of the fabric – a process entirely done by hand. Next, to fold and hand roll each tie, with the inlay left untipped for a lighter feel. Last but not least, our skilled artisans add a thin and soft interlining, making it easier for you to tie the perfect knot.

This classic technique creates a durable, authentically textured weave – similar to jacquard – famous for its depth of color and tactility.

Handmade in Como

Available in two different finishes, a finer Garza fina and a more substantial Garza grossa, we tend to prefer the latter, subtler variation for its sheen and silky softness.

How To Wear a Grenadine Tie

Easy to tie and easy to wear, this timeless tie has a sophisticated texture that almost, but not quite, reminds us of a knitted tie and sets it apart from any other option. An indispensable part of your repertoire. While often associated with a smart suit and a white dress shirt, and for a reason, the grenadine tie actually works equally well with a more casual style – elevate a relaxed Oxford shirt, and a pair of jeans for a stunning, but always suitable result.


Keep it simple, with our Signature White Shirt and navy tailoring.

Business/Smart Casual

Hit the sweet spot between casual and dressy with a jacket in light colors.

Blue Striped Silk Blend TieBlue Striped Silk Blend Tie
Blue Striped Silk Blend Tie
Dark Blue Grenadine TieDark Blue Grenadine Tie
Dark Blue Grenadine Tie
Blue Striped Silk Blend Grenadine TieBlue Striped Silk Blend Grenadine Tie
Blue Striped Silk Blend Grenadine Tie
Green Grenadine TieGreen Grenadine Tie
Green Grenadine Tie
Dark Red Grenadine TieDark Red Grenadine Tie
Dark Red Grenadine Tie
Black Grenadine TieBlack Grenadine Tie
Black Grenadine Tie