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Bow Ties

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White Handmade Garza Fina Grenadine Bow Tie — Self Tied
Black Floral Jacquard Silk Bow Tie — Self TiedBlack Floral Jacquard Silk Bow Tie — Self Tied
Black Floral Jacquard Silk Bow Tie — Self Tied+ 4 colors
Dark Blue Velvet Bow Tie – Ready TiedDark Blue Velvet Bow Tie – Ready Tied
Dark Blue Velvet Bow Tie – Ready Tied+ 3 colors

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Bow Ties for Men

What most of us think of when we picture elegant eveningwear: the classic tuxedo, a black bow tie, and a crisp white shirt. The bow tie is an excellent complement to your evening attire or any moment that requires sophistication.

When to Wear

Bow ties are timeless and appropriate for casual as well as most formal events. With its unique appearance and since it’s rarely used, you will have a refined and elegant look that people will always remember. However, wearing a bow tie to serious events or where uniformity is expected may not be suitable.

How to Wear

When pairing your bow tie with a pocket square, refrain from choosing the exact same fabric. Try to keep in mind that a pocket square is supposed to complement and bring contrast to your outfit, both in color and print. This typically applies when matching it with your other accessories as well. Your tuxedo or suit, however, can be a good match – a dark blue suit goes well with a dark blue bow tie, for example.

Bow Ties or Neckties?

Traditionally, bow ties feature a bow design while neckties are long and narrow. Which style is more suitable depends on the dress code and occasion. If you’re wearing a sharp outfit at the office or for a job interview, you can’t go wrong with a smart necktie. Have a look at our collection of dotted ties and striped ties.

When the dress code is black-tie or if you want to create a bold, luxurious look for a fancy event such as a wedding, the natural choice would be the classic bow tie.

The Eton bow ties come either ready-tied or self-tied. The self-tied bow tie and its asymmetry establish integrity as it brings a charming and stylistic element you can’t get from a ready-tied bow tie. However, both options are crafted to ensure a perfect fit, ensuring that you to leave a bold and elegant impression of high-end quality.

Practice Makes Perfect

First time getting a bow tie? Invest in a simple black bow tie that can be worn to any type of event. Start practicing a few days before the event if you’ve chosen a self-tied variant.

Once you’ve become comfortable wearing a classic black bow tie, dare to get creative with more shades and patterns. Expand your collection to include various hues and prints while taking into consideration both your personality and the seasons. An example would be to collect bright-colored ties in linen and silk for the summer and earthy tones in wool for fall and winter.

If you are unsure – go for silk, as it comes in all sizes and shapes. Avoid nylon and polyester as they can tend to look a bit less classy.