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Pocket Squares

Regardless of the occasion or style you’re going for, it’s most likely a perfect opportunity to wear a pocket square. From the classic silk pocket squares to linen, wool, or cotton – it’s simply a great complement to the rest of your outfit. Since it’s an accessory that works just as well both informally and formally, it’s an easy way to make your look more refined and fun. Collecting pocket squares that match your different jackets allows you to mix colors and patterns to liven up an entire look with a single stylish accessory.

Folding a Pocket Square

There are several ways to fold the typical men’s pocket square. The most common one is the puff fold, which is considered a more informal fold that you might choose to contrast an otherwise formal attire to achieve a more relaxed look. In general, you would choose silk for a nonchalant yet elegant impression. Alternatively, you have the one, two, or three-point fold which is suitable for more serious contexts and is a formal fold that works best in linen or cotton but can work in any fabric. You may also have heard of the James Bond fold: it’s a very simple everyday fold that works equally well with cotton, silk, or linen and gives a classic and stylish impression.

Choosing the Right Fabric

The silk pocket square is indeed the most popular, but one could challenge that statement with either cotton or linen, as these are usually called the big three. You can also find pocket squares in, for example, polyester and wool. Each fabric has its unique properties, and what should matter most to you is the texture. There are no strict rules here, but in most cases, it’s recommended to match the jacket with the pocket square. However, don’t get a pocket square from the same cloth as your necktie or bow tie. Instead, use this opportunity to create contrast.

Although, at weddings, you can ignore the rule if you’re the marshal or best man – a red pocket square in silk can undoubtedly be matched with one of our red silk ties. Or why not a gray wool tie together with a gray wool pocket square?

What Size Should It Be?

Naturally, the pocket square shouldn’t disappear into your pocket. It’s important to know both how the fold the pocket square and what size it is. The most common size for pocket squares is usually either 25x25 cm or 30x30 cm which is the equivalent of just under 10x10 inches to around 12x12 inches – but let the width of the pocket square be adjusted to the width of the chest pocket on the jacket. Keep in mind that it’s not great when it’s too big, either, as there is a risk that it gives the impression of spilling out of the pocket. And if you’re unsure about the size, choose a thin fabric since the folding itself will take up some space.

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