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New! The Popover Shirt

Half dress shirt, half polo. Our latest popover shirt blurs the line between casual and dressy. Discover the key details behind this shirt icon and our best tips on how to wear it.

Eton Autumn/Winter 2017

As the spirit of the season illuminates the forest in warm shades of yellow and orange, we got inspired by the beauty of Scandinavia’s nature and the powerful, earthy colors that evolve within the season. This time, our journey took us north, far away from concrete walls that obscure our line of sight. We immersed ourselves in the scenery, colors and sounds of the Scandinavian landscape and let us guide by its grace.

Follow us in our journey of style

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Don't forget the basics

The perfect wardrobe starts with the basics – from your classic white business shirt to weekend staples such as the oxford button down. We have selected shirts and accessories that never go out of style.

Eton Style Guide

Stay ahead of the crowd - discover our style guide and look your sharpest and smartest at anytime.

The art of weaving

One of the most significant characteristics that make our shirts to what they are today is their impeccable and high-performing fabric.

Style Profile: Fredrik Berselius

Fredrik flawlessly blends modern Nordic cuisine with rich New York food culture while his restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars.

The grenadine tie

Supremely luxurious yet discreet, our grenadine ties guarantee dashing looks, no matter the event.